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About Farstone

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Dating far back to hundreds of years ago, from the period of the Knights of St John to the British Empire, Malta went through difficult times due to its strategic position at wars. Throughout these years, different empires left Malta surrounded with a vast amount of architectural buildings, palaces, fortifications and monuments like nowhere else in the world.


Unfortunately, these buildings suffered various damages during the years due to negligence and lack of importance given to them. By the time the Maltese citizens started to realise the importance of restoring these gems, Farrugia Brothers were amongst the first to start operating and specialising in the restoration industry. In fact, Farrugia Brothers were awarded the job to restore the lantern of Zebbug Parish Church in 1983.


After various other works, Farrugia Brothers felt the need to expand and Farstone Ltd was formed, thus engaging various employees. The company was co-owned by Charles Farrugia, Philip Farrugia and Emmanuel Farrugia.


Since huge jobs such as Lower Barrakka (Valletta), Energy Complex (Valletta), Britannia Buildings (Valletta), Phase 1 & Phase 2  of St Thomas Tower (M'Scala) and much more were entrusted to Farstone Ltd, the directors felt the need to invest in scaffolding in order to reach high structures and buildings and for the safety of the employees.


The passing away of one of the directors and with another one retiring, Charles Farrugia took over all the work and responsibility and Farstone Construction & Restoration Ltd was formed in 2003. The first project in hand was Phase 4 Restoration of St Thomas Tower, M'Scala. The following project was the Valletta Waterfront which consisted of the restoration of all the vaults except for vaults 8, 9 & 10. The future was bright and other big projects such as Palazzo Dei Due Ballei (Valletta), UPIM (Valletta) and others were entrusted to Farstone Construction & Restoration Ltd. The latest in hand to be a €4.5 million project including the restoration of The Palace of the Captain of the Galleys and the restoration of The Palace of the Captain of the Galley Squadrons forming part of the construction of the Cottonera Waterfront Hotel.


With all these projects under their belt, one can establish that  Farstone Construction & Restoration Ltd is one of Malta's leaders in the restoration and preservation industry with staff capable of doing professional, complex and specialised work. We strongly believe in what we do and thus by doing this, we are giving life to these historical buildings of great importance to Malta's heritage.